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I thought this was nicely done. I love how the song stopped with the crash of the plates. Good animation and good suspense. I'm glad you could make use of my beat... Maybe think about adding dialogue.

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This really isn't a genre that I enjoy much, but, regardless, it's easy to tell this is quality. The sound quality is very smooth, and it has nice transitions. I also enjoyed how you switch up the bpm throughout... I felt the song flourished at about 1 minute, the first minute of the song were the hardest to listen to, maybe switch it up? That piano throughout really saved the score in my opinion. I especially liked the flutters of keys at about 1:50-1:52. That was fresh. The whole mid-section, where it sounds more... ambient , as well as the end(5:00-end) were my favorite parts of the song. Ambient is my favorite genre you see. All in all, a good, quality, emotional peace with mixed emotions that is a good listen. Literally my only complaint is the intro. Good job bro!

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APerfectContrast responds:


I agree, i personally have always loved ambient / chill out music the most and it kind of shows in this track.
To be honest, the only part I really love when the drums are playing is when the music goes to that two bass line pattern at around 4:15. It's not that i dislike the rest of the track with the different bassline, it's just that this section onwards sounds a lot more uplifting, which is what the track was supposed to be and the first parts of the track fall a little bit short.

Thanks for the review! :)

My my, friend, you've outdone yourself. This is ambiance at it's finest. Truly a wonderful work riddled deep with emotion... The only advice I have, and this is probably a biased one since I use it on everything myself, is to add piano, two different classes, and have the notes being rather sparse.

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Phonometrologist responds:

Ah thank you very much. Surely must be if that were to come from yourself as I always enjoyed your own ambient works. This was very therapeutic and quick to write as I found myself in a desperate state of emotion.
About piano, I know exactly what you mean, and you do that technique quite well, but you see, what you are actually hearing is a piano and nothing more.

It came out great BDog, I especially liked the change up at halfway.

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bdog705 responds:

thanks! it was actually fun to make this, the drums just went perfect with it

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