Entry #1

To any and all fans that miss the music I had up...

2014-09-13 12:35:14 by ABrighterShadow

I apologise if any of your favorite songs were taken down, I am looking to... reinvent myself as an artist, you see. But, fret not, the songs won't be gone forever. I am simply making improvements and some changes here and there. Both of my albums will be back up soon enough. I plan to release them more... professionally. (with cover art and on music hubs that will allow the songs to be played consecutively, without navigating away from the page, ie. Soundcloud, bandcamp, and maybe another) Only a handful of songs or so will end up being completely scrapped.


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2015-04-04 01:28:52

Please dont scrap +Change- i haven't heard that song in years and i came back searching for it to find that it was removed :( please repost soon

(Updated ) ABrighterShadow responds:

I'm so sorry, night. I hate to deprive someone of one of their favorite songs, I'll put that next on my "To Do" project list. You can expect for it to be up within... a month, at most. I'll probably take a break from my album and get to it this weekend though.

-A Brighter Shadow